Our Annual Event: The Pageant


The Pageant Pageant is one of the largest queer events (that is not an outdoor Pride parade) every year in the Southeast. It is by far the most successful and largest Drag Pageant in the USA with over 500 people attending. To compete in the MPP you must be a draguate of the New Orleans Drag Workshop. One thing that makes us different is that we have a very expansive idea of what Drag can be; we have men, women and non-binary folks all doing drag. A three judge panel decides on a Pageant Winner and a runner-up we call Congealed. There is a formal segment, a speech, and then a main number. Vinsantos, our Head Mister-ess of the New Orleans Drag Workshop is one of the judges and then we have two celebrity judges. The celebrity judges are always high profile folks from the world of drag, last year we had a make up artist from Top Model and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, Raja, and the very funny and legendary Drag Queen Varla Jean Merman. Wendy Ho, Louisiana Purchase and Poppy Tooker have also been on our judges panel.

The Production Team: Harlequeen


Mister Gregory and Vinsantos have been producing Drag & Burlesque Shows, and Concerts for over 25 years. 

Mister Gregory has worked with many of the top Drag Queens, and a who's who of pop stars and disco divas from his days at the legendary Warsaw Ballroom in Miami Beach to the main stage of San Francisco Pride and currently a concert series for the Ace Hotel Brand. 

Vinsantos is a Drag artist and musician who most recently has been opening for Bauhaus on their worldwide tour. Vinsantos is also the founder of New Orleans Drag Workshop, the only school in the world dedicate to teaching drag. Every cycle of the 10 week workshop ends with a "Draguation" ceremony where the "Draguates" perform the act they have developed for the community. This life changing school of drag has now completed 10 cycles of the program with 130 students.

Beneficiary: My Good Judy


My Good Judy offers a three to six week immersive urban residency for artists, critical writers, poets, playwrights, thinkers, and performers. The residency makes space for participants to work on specific projects of limited scope that address:

  • GLBTQ cultural history, etymology, folklore and the queer collective unconscious

  • Queer performance including spoken poetry, drag, live music and the theater arts

Participants conclude their My Good Judy residency with an exhibition, live performance, project presentation, reading or another form of public community event in collaboration with the Commonality Institute. The Commonality Institute is a woman centered GLBTQQ non-profit.

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